International Shipping Tips

Posted by admin

Two things you should consider when shipping internationally are things that most overlook, and they shouldn’t. Tracking and Insurance.

First of all, put yourself in your customers shoes. You have made a purchase through on online store for yourself or your business. You are pumped and excited to get it in your hands and you keep checking that confirmation email to see where it is in the shipping process. With every little move, you grow more and more excited or maybe antsy. I don’t know. It finally arrives safe and sound and you’re a happy camper. That is the power of tracking. Letting your customers know every move the shipment makes. Most carriers already provide this to their customers, but check and make sure anyways. If they don’t, see what can be done to add this service to your shipment so you can watch it get from point A to point B.

The second thing to consider when shipping internationally is adding insurance. Now this seems to be a point of conversation within the shipping and logistics world. Some do not see the value in it while others can’t live without it. Think about this, if you are shipping internationally, how confident are you that your packaged goods are going to make the journey across the ponds or through the skys safely? Things happen that are sometimes or most often out of our control. SO it is nice to have the peace of mind knowing that your package is protected from being lost or damaged with INSURANCE!

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