How to Calculate Dim Weight

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It may sound like a nice insult…but it’s not.

What it actually means and what it stands for is the dimensional weight. Dim weight refers to the space that a package takes up in relation to how much it weighs. The two ways your package is charged is either by the actual weight or the dim weight, whichever one happens to be greater.

The reason you should know this and why it is important is because most of the major shipping carriers use the dim weight to calculate the price of your shipment. They refer to this as dim weight pricing and it saves precious hard-earned dollars for people who know to pack efficiently.

InXpress is a global logistics specialist and full-service logistics provider. We are well versed in a variety of contracts that carriers have in place and know how to expertly navigate shipping and logistics. That allows for logistics providers to specifically tailor service needs with each client or customer to meet their individual shipping needs and troubleshoot challenges that might arise along the way.


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