6 Ways to Reduce Your Shipping Rates

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InXpress provides 6 simple ways businesses can reduce shipping rates today

If you are getting ready to negotiate a new carrier contract or you are thinking about renegotiating your existing one, we provide 6 ways to reduce your shipping rates. By looking into these 6 different items, you could save yourself a lot of time, money, and hassle and get back to building your business.

(1) Establish Credibility

Establishing credibility starts by understanding industry lingo and common practices. You can start by reviewing the UPS and DHL standard terms of service.

(2) Start the negotiation in your favor

When starting negotiations its best to seek a discount level that would be slightly above your target. Going in too high will likely end up nowhere, and going in to too high will leave precious money on the table.

(3) Don’t cry wolf

Its better to be upfront with your options then to setup a strawman argument. Carriers have a very good understanding of their competition so its unlikely that you will be able to cry wolf.

(4) Read all of the “Gotchas”

Many years and experience have poured into carriers standard contract terms. Understanding the “gotchas” of carrier contracts will assist during the negotiation process to ensure there are no surprises when billing time comes.

(5) Look at the big picture

Don’t fall for the package count fallacy. Both domestic and international shipments should be accounted for when negotiating your rates.

(6) Never hurts to ask

If there are specific needs for your business, it never hurts to ask. This may include caps on annual increases, higher DIM divisors, or free scheduled pickups. All options are on the table and it will ultimately assist in coming to a final agreement.

For more information on how InXpress can help your business save time and money, you can visit our package shipping page or review the video below.

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